Harbours in North-Holland at lakeside and seaside

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The old part of the harbour is the former center of Medemblik. This is over 400 years old. The shoppingstreet, bars and restaurants are on a very short distance.

IJmuiden harbour situated to the sea. IJmuiden has a leisure harbour as well as an professional harbour. IJmuiden gives also entrance from the sea to Amsterdam harbour.

Enkhuizen harbour is the center of this city. Yhis is not a city because of it’s so big, but becaise of tradition. The center is over 400 years old. You’ll see some traditional old houses, shops, etc.

The most beautiful village in Holland (2017)

The most beautiful village in Holland (2017)

Former island

Monnickendam is a small city, close to Amsterdam

Monnickendam is a small city close to Amsterdam