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Zandvoort is a touristic beach close to Amsterdam and Haarlem. Big variety of bars and restaurants. Zandvoort has no boulevard, but the village is close to the beach. Can be difficult with parking.

The biggest playground of Europe

Linnaeushof earns the title of Europe ‘s largest playground. Here, children can really play like they should! More than 350 play structures and attractions provide the opportunity to play in an active and healthy way, by using your own energy and…

IJmuiden harbour situated to the sea. IJmuiden has a leisure harbour as well as an professional harbour. IJmuiden gives also entrance from the sea to Amsterdam harbour.

IJmuiden is the more quiet beach in this area, but if you like…

This is the most trendy beach of North-Holland. Close to Haarlem and Amsterdam.

Teylers · Museum of Wonder

Teylers · Museum of Wonder

What, according to Frans, is a museum?

What, according to Frans, is a museum?